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 Our mission is to love, tutor, 
 and instruct young men in dealing with the 
 challenges of life.  


Street to Success was started eleven years ago with two basketballs and a calling from God to serve the children of Houston Avenue and South Macon in Georgia. Throughout the years we have helped many students from ages 9 to 18 with all subjects excel in their school careers.

Not only do we tutor the students but we invite speakers in many professions, such as Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Generals, and the like to inspire our students to strive for success in life. The students are also given an opportunity to visit many different places that give them the experience needed in order to be well rounded students.

If you are interested in speaking, tutoring or donating, please visit our Contact Page.

Executive Director

At Street to Success we want to be able to provide a safe place where young men and women from the Houston Ave and South Macon area, receive the love & encouragement, to find a hiding place in Christ, through physical & spiritual life practices.


Our goal is to teach righteousness, grace & justice, that they might live Holy right where they're at. To love, honor & encourage "each one" in all truth, Always looking ahead!

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